With the Ranchstyle Mountain Bike Festival 2012 being a silver event for the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour, the event drew riders from all over the US and beyond.

Last year's Pro slopestyle contest saw the highest level of PRO talent in the history of the event, with a long list of world class riders. With names like Jamie Goldman, Paul Basagotia, Mike Montgomery and so many more, the 2012 contest blew the past year's contests out of the water!


 Event Level
 SILVER  1st day of competition
 MAY 11th
 Event discipline
 SLOPESTYLE  Date of finals
 MAY 11th
 Prize money
 10.000 USD
 Defending Champion
 Event partners


Top 10 results 2013:

  1. Mike Montgomery (Also wildcard winner for Red Bull Berg Line)
  2. Paul Genovese
  3. Carson Storch
  4.  Brayden Barrett-Hay
  5. Jack Fogelquist
  6. Kelly McGarry
  7. Eric Johnson
  8. Andrew Bigelow
  9. Nick Clarke
  10. Jay Trautman
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