The legendary 26TRIX is hosted each year during the Out of Bounds Festival in Leogang, Austria. It has always been pushing the trick level forward since its first edition in 2006, when Greg Watts nailed the first ever double backflip during an international competition.


 Event Level
 GOLD  1st day of competition
 JUNE 12th
 Event discipline
 SLOPESTYLE  Date of finals
 JUNE 14th
 Prize money
 25.000 USD
 Defending Champion
 SAM PILGRIM (UK)  Event partners


Top 10 results 2013:

  1. Sam Pilgrim
  2. Brett Rheeder
  3. Sam Reynolds
  4. Thomas Genon
  5. Martin Söderström
  6. Szymon Godziek
  7. Yannick Granieri
  8. Peter Henke
  9. Patrick Leitner
  10. Jakub Vencl


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