Second time on the FMB World Tour cicuit for the Urban Bike Challenge dirt jump competition in 2012 ...

Europe's top slopestylers wow the crowds, performing their spectacular tricks and breath-taking two-wheeled stunts by floodlight. An 8 metre Step Down from a steel contruction, full Dirt Ramps and a wooden Quarter to finish - those are the obstacles of the course. The contest is decided by who negotiates the course with the most style and daring manoevers.

Contest scedule

Thursday June 28th,  2012  (CET) 
06:00 pm           warm up
08:00 pm           qualifying
09:00 pm           finals
subsequently     prize ceremony & after contest party

Top 10 results 2012:

  1. Alfred Scholtze
  2. Tobias Engelmann
  3. Enzo Haberl
  4. Dominic Amberger
  5. Magnus Baumann
  6. Simon Hofstädter
  7. Tobias Wrobel
  8. Moritz Zapp
  9. Wolfgang Leitner
  10. Florian Pöllmann

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or watch the Highlight clip 2012:  here

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