FMBA - the Organisation behind the world tour


The Freeride Mountain Bike Association (FMBA) is a non-profit organization that follows the goal of guiding the mountain bike freeride sport into a more professional direction and firmly establishing it in the world of sports. To achieve this goal, the FMBA promotes high standards of judging, course design and safety and implements them in all events of the FMB World Tour. Athletes and event organizers are provided with a tangible world ranking system and reliable guidelines forming an organized and structured framework for a free and creative sport.


The FMBA advisory board is an alliance of core scene members consisting of professional athletes, event organizers and opinion leaders. After an internal voting February 2011, the FMBA's Board of Directors consists of the president Todd Barber, vice president Tarek Rasouli and interim principal Alex Doerr.


The FMBA is open to be joined by riders, fans, companies (as official supporters) and event organizers.



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